Buyer’s Bill of Rights

The Jennings Realty Buyers Bill of Rights

At Jennings Realty, we LOVE to represent BUYERS. Our buyer focus allows us to provide the kind of refreshingly honest and conflict-free customer advice that has been sorely missing from the real estate business for a long, long time. Clients who choose Jennings Realty as their Exclusive Buyers Agency (EBA) receive:

 EXPERT advice | HONEST counsel | FOCUSED attention | CONFLICT FREE representation

Article #1: You Have a Right to Representation by an Exclusive Buyers Agent (EBA)

Only an EBA can show you ALL available properties in the marketplace WITHOUT conflict. Agents who take listings have a financial incentive to sell you one of their listings or one of the listings from their office.

Everything we do, every step of the way is geared toward ensuring that YOU the BUYER are properly and professionally represented in the home-buying process!

At Jennings Realty, we are market-expert buyers agents committed to representing BUYERS with a cold-eyed ruthlessness unmatched by anyone. Repeat: ANYONE in the marketplace today. PERIOD.

Article #2: You Have a Right to Understand the Need for an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent

Simply put: For Your Protection!

Here’s a little-known fact: Most state laws stipulate that a Realtor® works for the seller unless the Realtor® enters into an agreement with his buyer client. So, when you choose Jennings Realty, Inc. to be your EBA, you’re guaranteed that we’ll be working to represent YOUR interests 100% of the time, NOT the seller’s.

Our high quality, professional guidance is no substitute for proper legal, financial planning and tax advice. Ask your Jennings Realty EBA for a list of our trusted affinity partners.

Article #3: You Have a Right to Know How We Get Paid

As Exclusive Buyers Agents, the SELLER pays our fee!

That’s right; when you hire Jennings Realty, our service is FREE to you!

Article #4: You Have a Right to Know How it Works at Other Brokerages

In traditional brokerages, the company and its agents are on a mission to acquire as many listings as possible and will then try to sell its own inventory to potential buyers first versus exposing clients to 100% of the market…first.

At Jennings, in our Buyer’s Only Division, we’ve got nothing to sell you! That’s the simple beauty of our business model. Our singular focus is representing you in every corner of the marketplace and making sure, that at the end of the day, you get the very best deal possible!

Article #5: You Have a Right to Receive a 100% Conflict-Free Experience

Some real estate companies allow their agents to serve as DUAL or DESIGNATED AGENTS.

In Dual Agency, the buyer and seller are represented by the SAME agent in the SAME transaction.

In Designated Agency the buyer and seller are represented by two agents from the same real estate company; one on each side of the deal.

In the Jennings Realty Buyer’s Only Division, our agents engage in neither DUAL nor DESIGNATED agency, thereby eliminating any conflict.

Article #6: You Have a Right to Access to Our Strategic Partner Network

With decades of combined experience in Exclusive Buyers Agency, we have amassed a broad network of trusted strategic partners. By choosing Jennings Realty to represent you, you will receive access to a comprehensive list of these trusted affinity partners with whom you might elect to do business.

These professionals run the gamut from attorneys, CPAs, bankers, mortgage bankers and insurance agents to contractors, home inspectors and credit repair professionals.

Article #7: You Have a Right to Leverage our State of the Art Technology 24/7

We believe that an educated and empowered home buyer is a happy home buyer and our goal is to provide you with the most state of the art, robust, technologically advanced and user-friendly home search experience out there!

From the best search capability, to state of the art GPS-fueled mobile search technology to the instant gratification of “Live Chat,” we have invested heavily in our website to ensure that your user experience is second-to-none.

Article #8: You Have a Right to Unrestricted MLS Search Information 24/7

Strangely, many companies want to restrict your access to this proprietary system in order to control the process. Many third-party services will give you vastly stripped-down searches that provide only a portion of the data you need.

These limited data flow companies (Zillow, Trulia, et al) do what is known as “Scraping.” They literally scrape off a few layers of information and serve it up for users’ consumption.

Fine if you’re on a diet, but at Jennings we want you to feast from the entire banquet table of information…we provide you with unrestricted home search capability to 100% of the MLS 24/7 so that you can search and re-search to your heart’s content!

Article #9: You have The Right to “Late” Agent Access

You’re going to have questions and sometimes those questions come after 5 o’clock. If so many other agents decide to turn off their phones at 5, how can you get the answers you need?

Once you’ve selected us to represent you, your Jennings EBA becomes your Real Estate Concierge for life. You have our commitment that when you have questions, your EBA will have answers.

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