Exclusive Buyers Agency

What is EBA & Why Do I Need It?
Because, without it you are NOT fully represented and it guarantees you that we are working for you and only you 24/7. It also guarantees us that you are committed to Jennings Realty serving as your EBA in the marketplace. An EBA agreement formalizes our relationship as your Exclusive Buyers Agency (EBA) in all matters related to the identification, negotiation and purchase or rental of your new home.

How Much Will It Cost?
Zero! Zip! Nada! Our services are FREE to you! The seller pays our fee!

Why is This a Good Thing?
Because we offer you three levels of priority service. Each governed by your expected time frame to buy (or lease) and the level of time and attention required from your EBA in order to efficiently deliver the results you desire.

We have found that in order to properly allocate your EBA’s time and Jennings’ resources in our united effort of identifying, viewing, negotiating and ultimately representing you in the purchase of your home, it is important to establish your level of urgency.

What I Should & Should Not Do.
Simply put, we want you to be fully engaged in the excitement of the entire home-finding process and, as your EBA, need to make sure that you don’t accidentally do or say something that could compromise our ability to properly represent you.

An important part of this agreement is your promise to a) refer any properties that you might encounter while unaccompanied by your EBA back to your EBA for follow-up, analysis and the arrangement of showings and to b) identify yourself as having a Jennings Realty EBA should you desire to attend open houses, walk-ins at FSBOs or viewings of non-MLS properties that you may find on your own.

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